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Hank - F1 Bernedoodle

Hank is an 68 pound, PROVEN F1 Bernedoodle with the sweetest disposition and passion for herding goats, cows, and basically anything that he can herd haha....... He loves to go swimming, help with the laundry, get the point; He is AMAZING! :)

He would love to take your lady out on a date sometime!


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Hank - F1 Bernedoodle - Health & Genetic Tested through Embark (Color Panel provided on Request)

Our price for services is $1500 or Pick of the Litter (Pick of the Litter must come from Health Tested Female). If Female doesn't take the first time, I provide one additional round of Services on the next heat. 

We can ship semen within the US or live cover within Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thanks for submitting!

Stud Services: Job Application
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