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Set for Success!!

What all comes with your new furry family member from BreDoodles:

1. Health Records including shots and de-worming

2. Basic How-To-Raise-A-Puppy information

3. Contract of Sale

4. Toy

5. Slip Lead

7. Cloth with siblings' scent

8. Small bag of current dog food

We encourage all of our new families to have a Vet Appointment within 3-4 days of picking your puppy up. 

A few things that we recommend to ease the puppies transition into a new space and family:

1) TOYS!!! You can never have enough toys especially through the first 4-5 weeks of the Teething stage. Remember, they are not misbehaving but have got to break those new little chompers in :). 

2) Stuffed animals in their beds at night help them not feel so alone. Remember, they are used to being around their siblings so the more comfort tools the better. :)

3) If you decide to transition the puppy to a new food, make sure that you talk with your Vet about a schedule that won't upset the puppies digestive system. 

We are a multi-dog household so due to that we have trained our dogs to all share 1 bowl of food and 1 bowl of water. We have also seen this referred to as Free-Feeders. Because we do this, they do not feel the need to scarf their food down but enjoy it throughout the day. This helps prevent obesity and bloating which can be very deadly in larger breed dogs. 

4) Crate Style - BreDoodles only house large breed dogs so the "Large" size wire crates work perfectly. You can find them at most pet stores (42"). We recommend draping a blanket over half of the cage in order to provide more security, especially early on. 

5) Potty Training - Please keep in mind that when puppies are young, they have little bladders and need to be taken out VERY often. They will need patience and understanding just like a 1-2 year old human baby needs. In order to encourage them to go outside, make sure and give lots of Praise upon doing a good job! 

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