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Bernedoodle Puppy Pricing

Starting in 2023 we have changed up the way we price our puppies. We truly desire each puppy to be the right fit/personality for their new homes. With that being said, all puppies will be priced the same and not based off of sex or color. 

Standard Bernedoodles are $2750 for limited registration and an additional $1500 for breeding rights. 

Mini Bernedoodles are $3250 for limited and an additional $1500 for breeding rights. 

NOTE: Breeding right will only be given to select homes that have 3 breeders or less. We do not support large puppy mills!



Pick Up

If possible, we invite all of our new families to pick up their new baby at our home. This way we get to know you a little better and you can see where it all began. You will also be able to meet our family and the other siblings your baby has had in the first couple of months of their existence. This includes their goat siblings and cat siblings hahaha.....Everyone is family here. 


Airport Meetup

If you are in a rush and would prefer to meet at the airport, I can bring the puppy to the Tulsa International Airport and meet you at the baggage claim so reboarding will be smoother. You will need to check with your airline to find out any added costs or restrictions. You can usually just take them as a carry on. 


I will be your Flight Nanny

I am more than happy to be your personal flight nanny for an additional $1000. I choose to deliver my own puppies instead of hiring it out so I can be sure they have a smooth and safe delivery. You will need to meet me at your desired airport upon arrival. 

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